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6 Year Workmanship Warranty on all Installations.

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If you have an oil fired Aga then you may be aware of the amount of oil it uses. By having a Prejet Cookers pressure jet oil burner you could cut the Agas oil consumption by about 1000 litres per year. With a conversion cost of £2400 (deluxe built-in) the payback is 4 years, you'd need to be attracting 25% interest in the bank to beat that!

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If your Aga has been installed for 30 or 40 years there is a pretty good chance that the insulation has slumped. this is normal as it consists of vermiculite and rockwool, both natural insulation products. I can top up the insulation, add a layer of new rockwool over the top and bring your Agas performance back to where it should be. if you have a boiler in the Aga the whole insulation may need changing, as may the boiler.

If you have an oil fired boiler it should be serviced every year. This keeps the boiler in good condition and also keeps it safe for the occupants of the building it heats. Condensing boilers must have an annual service which includes cleaning out the condesing unit and trap. Oil pipes and filters need checking and changing, baffle plates need cleaning and the flue gases need checking, all can be done by Boilerserv. Multi- appliance discounts are available.

When the time comes for a new boiler or range cooker, I can supply and have installed whatever your choice is, whether it's a new condensing boiler or a custom coloured range cooker with a boiler combined. I can also supply and install a re-conditionned Aga to your specification.


Multi Appliance service discounts available, whether it's yours or yours and a neighbour.

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