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6 Year Workmanship Warranty on all Installations.


There's nothing like a new boiler - for reducing your fuel costs and keeping your home warm. Yes you may have had the existing boiler serviced, and yes the service engineer says not to change it as the new ones aren't as good, but, are you really comfortable with the cost of heating your home with oil at 60ppl+, are you sure it's okay to have flue gases of 250c exiting your home when a condensing boiler has flue gas temperatures of 60-80c and if you're not, would you like to do something about it?

A new boiler is bound to be quieter than your existing one and could even be located outside thus freeing up space within your home.

With interest rates on your savings ridiculously low, the saving on fuel could return a better rate, so a more efficient boiler may not be such a bad idea.

External Grant Pro Vortex oil fired boiler complete with a high level plume divertor kit. Service once a year and feed with oil (not huge amounts) in between times.

Changing your boiler will reduced the cost of heating your house.

Having your boiler serviced is also important. This keeps the boiler in good condition on the inside and makes sure the flue gases are acceptable and within the manufctuers limits. There is a picture of a poorly set up boiler below, don't let this happen to you. The boiler was repaired and set up properly. If parts are available then a boiler can be fixed, if the fix is not viable then a price for a new boiler is not far away. But it's your decision as to whether the boiler is repaired or replaced, my advise is impartial and honest.

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Service isn't just about changing a nozzle, but this boiler was like this after only 12 months of use, imagine if yours hasn't been serviced for longer.