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Aga services and conversions to either Prejet Cookers oil pressure jet

or 13 amp Electric.

There is nothing quite like an Aga, either as a style icon or a cooking appliance. Some range cookers claim to be 'like an Aga', but unless they are an Aga, they are not quite there. But they can cost alot to run. So, if you love your Aga, are aware of its running cost and are interested in reducing this then contact me as I have some options that may reduce this - and back up too.

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Rounded square

converted Aga is never going to work as well as an Aga that is working on its original fuel, true in cases where a cheap solid fuel to oil conversion was carried out, but today the conversion market has the ability to offer completely rebuilt units that work as an Aga should. Aga themselves own a refurbishment company, so, choose your fuel, colour, style and number of ovens, get in touch and find out if I can help.

Don't be put off by the word 'conversion'. You've probably read in Aga cook books that a

Prejet Cookers pressure jet burner is no longer available due to European Legislation covering emissions testing a wick burner has never had to suffer, I do however come across old burners which can be re built with factory new parts from time to time, call for availability. The conversion is in my own Aga should you wish to see/ hear it (for it does make a noise - although not a loud one). It has merits beyond oil saving though, the cooker does not lose heat during a big cook like a wick burner powered Aga will as the pressure jet replaces heat faster than the wick burner can. If your Aga heats water, the boiler will not have such an impact over cooking as it does with a wick burner. The cost of a conversion to a deluxe starts at £3000 and to an ex-solid fuel at £3500, visit www.prejet.co.uk for pictures and details.

If you're looking to severely reduce or remove your oil consumption then a 13 amp electric conversion is well worth considering. Your Aga will need to be a dry cooker - no boiler or water heater, you will need a dedicated 13 amp supply to the left hand side of the Aga and your electric bill will go up! I offer either the OIlwarm Electrikit,  Newton or Eco Cuisiniere options which can be installed in any deluxe or ex-solid fuelled Aga, involves a complete strip down and new insulation is added. the cooker becomes cooler to touch but still gives heat to the room as you'd expect, this is due to the extra insulation keeping the heat in the cast iron and not just letting it go up the chimney. This Aga does not require a chimney and can be vented through a wall. This unit does not require servicing like an oil Aga but an annual safety check is advised. Because every installation is different and there are timer options, phone for a guide price or to request a visit.