Philip Ralph t/a Boilerserv, 5, Marlpit Cottages, Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea, Maidstone, Kent. ME17 4JN.  Landline 01622 744040 or 01580 230328.   Mobile 07774 432465.    email:     philip@boilerserv.co.uk.

01622 744040




6 Year Workmanship Warranty on all Installations.


Complaints about work carried out by Boilerserv.

What to do if you feel that you need to make a complaint about works carried out by Boilerserv and under what circumstances could a complaint arise.


You may feel it necessary to complain about works if:


You feel works have been charged for that weren't on your given quotation.

Works haven't been carried out to specification on your quotation.

Works don't meet Building Regulations as they are currently applied.

Manufacturers installation proceedures have not been followed.

OFTEC Regulations have not been followed.


(The list above is not exhaustive but just gives examples)


How to complain and who to complain to.


Contact Philip Ralph on 01622 744040 for a curteous response (no withheld numbers please as it makes calling back difficult - answerphone may operate but please leave a short message).


Email philip@boilerserv.co.uk if you feel you would rather have a written reply working towards resolution.


If mail is your preferred method then please write to me at the address on the contact page.

Please be assured that complaints are very rare. This page is for awareness of a proceedure in place.